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Everyone has a story....and this is our story.

In 2014, my sister-in-law, at that time, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Being a family who already believed in the power of natural products, we knew with all of the treatments my sister-in-law would be going through, she'd need something simple, natural, and super effective. Thus the need to make our own lotions, creams, lip balms, deodorants came to life. These items have been the most rewarding labor of love. And although my sister-in-law is not longer physically with us, the essence of her lives on in these products with great love.  My name is Bianca and I am the founder and creator of these magnificent products. We are so happy to share None of Your B's Wax with the world and hope this product amazes you, as it has for our family. 


My approach in making my products is very simple. Anything that is made with love, patients, and good intentions will feel and taste better. Thus, all of my products are always blessed with love and intentions of health and wellness before they find their home. I always say, "if it's not made with love, it doesn't count!". Our products are all handmade with out any chemicals or harmful "fillers" that are in most products. My 3 year old son is my gauge. If it's not safe enough for him to use, it's not safe enough to be used in my products. There is a difference between liking what you do and being passionate about what you do. And our passion is to make people feel better with natural remedies that are actually good for you and your family.


We hope to have you apart of our growing family and spread the love!

With Love,



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