Guys like thoughtful gifts just as much as women. So what could be more better way to say how much the big guy means to you, then with handmade, none toxic, and natural goodies for him to rock out.


We have put together a few packages so you can choose what's the best gift that he will enjoy. Each package will be carefully placed in a forest green sheer pouch to give it a final touch. All the beard oils will come in eco-friendly bags that are made from eco-friendly natural jute burlap. All our products are handmade in small batches to insure quality. 


Please email us and let us know which scent you would like to customize your package to:


Packages with beard oil please choose your scent:

Morning Wood




Packages with Whipped shea butter please choose your scent:

Egyptian Musk






Coconut cream


Packages with Deodorant please choose your scent:




Lavender + Orange


Grapefruit + Mint


He will LOVE and appreciate the thoughtfulness that was put in this gift package. After all, you designed what products to incude that he would like the most ;)


Gift Packages for [Him]

Packages (Him)
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