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Hemp seed oil has been used for centuries for it's powerful healing components. This amazing oil is packed with omega fatty acids and linolic acid. The nutrients in this oil are key to cellular health and are key ingredients in the makeup of the cells outer layer.


Our Hemp Lip Therapy balm is blended with natural butters and other natural oils to make high quality lib balm that will leave you hydrated. It also aids with inflammation, and is extremely hydrating. Once you apply the lip balm, you can feel the soft and silkiness of your lips immediately.


If you are into:



Cold climate

Warm climate

or just obsessed over our lip care like we are need this stick in your life!


* Handmade in the USA, * Natural * Gluten-Free * Cruelty-Free*


+ No artificial colors flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, or petroleum ingredients.


**Allergy warning: This product contains *Avocado Oil**


Crafted with love and poured by hand in small batches, our 100% natural lip therapy balm is gender neutral so guys can have soft, moisturized lips, too. Not to mention the natural SPF 6 properties of this lip balm. So kiss those UVA goodbye!
































































































































































































Hemp Lip Therapy

  • Due to the nature of these products, we do not accept returns or exchanges. However, please let us know if there are any issues with your order or products as soon as possible so that we may better serve our clients in the near future.


    +Damaged Items or Packages:

    Once the product leaves our production area, we do not have any control over it. If an item or a package has arrived damaged, please contact us with in (3) days after the damaged item has been received.  We will also request an email with a picture of the damaged item to better serve our customers in the future. The order (for the same exact products) will be reshipped to you upon confirmation of the product being damaged beyond use. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs.

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