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What our customer have to say.....

Meg G. 

- Sunland, CA

Marline D.

Fort Lauderdale, FL  

Marcy K. 

- Frederick, MD

"I have been making/buying natural deodorants for a few years now. However, every single brand I have ever tried irritates my armpits after several consecutive days of use. So when I got my 1st deodorant from None of Your B's Wax, I decided to just go all in and see how many days I could wear it before breaking out. This stuff is AMAZING!!!!! I have been wearing the deodorant EVERY day since and I still dont have any problems. I really love this stuff. High quality ingredients, no aluminum and hand crafted with love. Couldn't ask for a better product! Worth every penny!!!!"

Tierra H. 

- Laurel, MD 

I think I just found my new go-to lip balm. Ever since my allergic reaction, I would find myself w/ all of my lip glosses drying up extremely fast & still leaving my lips suuuuuper dry. I just woke up from a 4 hour nap after putting your’s on & my lips still feel soft & moisturized. Definitely going to stock up on a few more in a couple of days. I can never thank you & Fenya enough!!! Skincare Queens 

None of Your B’s Wax is an incredible line of natural products that produce results unlike any other natural and organic skincare line I’ve tried in the past. It’s obvious how much love and care Bianca puts into every product she hand-makes. My favorite products are the shea butter, lip balm, and sugar scrub. I am all about exfoliating and keeping my skin soft from head-to-toe and these products moisturize my dry, winter skin to the max. The sugar scrub keeps body acne at bay and the shea butter is fabulous for keeping my feet baby soft. Most importantly, Bianca’s customer service is impeccable. She is so easy to reach when you need help selecting products and she truly cares about her customers needs. As a fellow business owner, I admire and respect those who take this kind of care of their customers. Thank you so much, Bianca!



Lucy M.  

- Austin Texas 

I cant believe it, after 2 weeks I'm seeing baby hair grow in my thinking spots. You have a customer for LIFE. THANK YOU and god bless you for coming up with this amazing hair growth oil. It's game changer. 

Mark J. 

Phoenix, AZ 

I bought your Beard oil for the 1st time, and I'm wondering why I hadn't found you sooner. This oil has helped with the itch and has helped me grow a full and thick beard. I use to have these bald spots and they are all filled in. THANKS much! 

Holly V.

Sacramento, CA  

I absolutely LOVE your face serum! I ordered it because I desperately needed something to moisturize my dry, sensitive skin while I'm taking chemotherapy treatment. This is the only thing that works for me and I will never go back to my other moisturizers.

Salma H. 
- Arcadia, CA 

 "You have created such an awesome deodorant and lip balm that has no chemicals at all and so perfect for my 12 year old son. He has been using your products for 2 weeks now and he smells fresh. He naturally sweats because sweating is healthy, but he doesn't have that sweaty smell anymore. I am so grateful and recommend everyone to use all natural products.

 I'm very happy with the hair growth oil. My hair is stronger, less breakage, no longer falling out at the roots and the bald spots are growing in.  The entire front area is new hair that grew in so it looks like I have wanna be fly-aways🤣. It will be 2 months next wk and I'm still using the oil 2-3 times a week but now I add it throughout the scalp not only on the original areas. Oh I have to add too that it doesn't weigh my hair down much even though its an oil. I still wrap my hair each night and then unwrap and wear it out without it looking too weighed down and dull,if that makes sense. That's important to me because I can't wash my hair daily, rather every 2 weeks so, too not have the build up is a major plus! Thanks again   #newloyalcustomer

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